Thursday, 11 March 2010

Suggestions for headers

We welcome suggestions for improvements to Theme Headers - and this is where you can make your them. Just add a comment.

Want an existing design in a new size? Want an existing header in a new colour? Need help in changing from a default design?

If we can help, we will.

But please remember that this is a free service, so it may not be top of our priority list.


  1. Love the theme designs, but it's kind of hard to look through so many pages. It maybe easier for users to find the themes they find if you put them into categories =)

    I love themes related to food :D

  2. Your designs are cool. I like it!! Keep it up

    clipping path

  3. i don't like it .. but I L0VE IT ..!!

  4. Can these be used on FREE Wordpress blogs, though? Will we be allowed that option?